Scott William Minehane
Managing Director

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Since the establishment of Windsor Place Consulting in July 2000, the company has been primarily focussed on meeting client needs in Asian markets especially Malaysia. Major client activities include:

• Undertook consultancy project in July 2003 on a specific telecommunications policy question for iDA Singapore (the Singaporean regulator) (see

• Prepared draft Communications Law for the ITU/Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications Department to replace antiquated colonial era sector legislation (May to July 2003)

• Advisor to Telekom Malaysia from July 2000 on a range of regulatory and corporate strategy issues including:

- licensing issues associated with the conditional migration of Telekom Malaysia and its group companies to the new regime established by the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and the Licensing Regulations 2000;

- Preparation in late 2001 with Spectrum Strategy Consultants of the United Kingdom and Singapore (see of a report analysing a range of spectrum issues.

- licensing issues associated with the granting of applications service provider licences - including IP Telephony licences - by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (the industry regulator) to other market participants;

- the formulation of various positions and submissions on access/interconnection issues generally (including equal access, preselection, VOIP and the Internet) and specifically in relation to the Commission's proposed Access List Determination (the list of essential facilities and services) and Statement on Access Pricing Principles;

- assistance with formulation tariff and tariff rebalancing proposals;

- advice in relation to competition policy and law issues raised by the Commission and new entrants as provided for in the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998;

- assistance in the formulation of Telekom Malaysia's response to the Commission's proposed System of Universal Service Determination and contribution mechanisms;

- advice in relation to Malaysia's proposed licensing of 3G operators;

- a range of other regulatory and strategic issues including Telekom Malaysia's group restructuring, spectrum, numbering and electronic addressing issues.

• Adviser to Telekom Malaysia in relation to the proposed Initial Public Offering ("IPO") of Telkom SA. Telekom Malaysia is in a joint venture with Southwestern Bell Corporation International ('SBCI') (see of a 30 percent stake in Telkom SA (see

• Adviser to Telekom Malaysia in relation to the successful Initial Public Offering ("IPO") of Telkom SA on the NYSE and Johannesburg Stock Exchange on 4 March 2003 [NYSE Symbol TKG]. Telekom Malaysia is in a joint venture (Thintana Communications LLC) with Southwestern Bell Corporation International ('SBCI') (see ) of a 30 percent stake in Telkom SA (see ).



Master of Laws in Communications and Asian Law 1998 [after successfully completing the requirements of a Graduate Diploma of Media, Communications & IT Law in 1993] University of Melbourne.

Bachelor of Laws 1991 (focusing on commercial law), University of Queensland.

Bachelor of Economics 1986 (majoring in micro & macroeconomics), University of Queensland.

Academic Papers
Papers submitted for Masters of Laws at University of Melbourne,

Evaluation the current Australian regulation of the broadcast and
publication of violent material.

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Prior to the establishment of Windsor Place Consulting in July 2000

Culter & Company

From February 1993 to July 2000, Scott Minehane was a Director and Senior Consultant with Cutler & Company - a leading Australian telecommunications policy consulting firm. For Cutler & Company, he specialised in providing strategic planning and practical support to institutions operating in the fields of telecommunications, broadcasting, satellite, multimedia, ecommerce and service industries in Asia-Pacific region.

Whilst at Cutler & Company, Scott Minehane directed major client projects in Asia, Africa and Australia including:

• Adviser to Telekom Malaysia from early 1995 to 2000 on a range of corporate strategy, regulatory, tariffing, universal services, trade practices and interconnection issues associated with the liberalisation of the Malaysian communications sector and the passage of Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. This has included providing advice to and participating in negotiations for Telekom Malaysia’s joint ventures in Bangladesh, Thailand, Ghana and Malawi. He has personally negotiated over 20 interconnection and access agreements for new fixed and mobile entrants and ISPs.

• Adviser to International Business Operations of Telekom Malaysia for their successful acquisition with Southwestern Bell Corporation International ('SBCI') of a 30 percent stake in Telkom South Africa in May 1997 for USD1.26 billion.

• Adviser to Telkom SA from 1998 to 1999 on a range of corporate strategy, regulatory and interconnection issues including broadband access issues and participation in interconnection agreement negotiations.

• Adviser & negotiator for Telekom Malaysia's bid for a majority stake in the then to be privatised Uganda Telecom Limited during 1998.

• From 1997 to 1999 under the auspices of the Australian Government's Office of Asset Sales and IT Outsourcing ('OASITO') member of the Industry Development Evaluation Team ('IDET') responsible for assessment of bids (and negotiation of associated contractual schedules) for the outsourcing of Australian Government's IT&T needs. Some AUD4 billion in outsourcing contracts were undertaken during this period.

• Adviser from 1999 until 2000 to a large multinational IT services company on outsourcing and industry development activities in relation to the outsourcing of Australian Government's IT&T needs.

• Adviser to clients in relation to the Australian communications market (including ecommerce) and related regulated requirements.

• Adviser to New T&T and Wharf Cable in Hong Kong from 1994 to 1997 on regulatory, financial, access and interconnect issues associated with cable television and telecommunications network competition to Hong Kong.

• Adviser - from 1993 to 1995 -to the South African Department of Posts and Telecommunications on the introduction of cellular competition, interconnection, legal regulatory framework, frequency management and the creation of a Chart of Accounts and Cost Allocation Manual. Co-author with Dr Cutler of the independent assessment of competing bids for South Africa cellular licences which were awarded to Vodacom and MTN in 1993 for Rand 100 million plus a percentage of net turnover and a range of other commitments.

• Corporate Adviser to an offshore investment fund manager in respect of its potential purchase of a national radio network in Australia in 1993.

• Assisted in the preparation of a technical expert's report prepared for the Prospectus and subsequent Public Offering on the Australian Stock Exchange of a provider of communications and satellite services including assessing the key demand parameters and addressable markets in 1995 and for other related prospectus expert reports.

• For foreign clients prepared a detailed analysis of equal access arrangements in Australia and New Zealand for arbitration proceedings.

• Assisted in the preparation (including interviews with key market participants) on the relative global competitiveness of Australia's information industries entitled, Serious Player or Spectator? This study was commissioned by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Tourism which was completed in early 1997.

• Directed the preparation of market report evaluating the potential for a cellular network in Mozambique in 1996.

• Assisted in the preparation of reports reviewing telecommunications sectors for Pacific Island countries.

• Advised clients in respect of price based frequency spectrum auctions in 1996/97.

• Managed submissions to Australian regulatory bodies in relation to anti-competitive conduct in value added services.


From late 1989 to early 1993, Scott Minehane held a position with the Australian Department of Industry, Technology & Commerce, this followed his recruitment as a Graduate Economist by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in early 1989. This Department (whose responsibilities are now shared by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources and Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts) was responsible for Australian industry policy. In just over three years Scott Minehane rose to the position of Assistant Director of the Telecommunications section managing five to six staff with responsibility for formulating and advising on telecommunications industry policy in Australia.

In this latter position Scott Minehane was required to brief Cabinet Ministers, liaise with industry associations, key market participants including telecommunications operators and service providers and manufacturers. He worked to senior Department officers with broader policy responsibility for the whole of the Australian information industries. He also developed a detailed knowledge of companies in the Australian telecommunications and broadcasting sectors including, their management, structure, profitability, culture and general industry perceptions.

Key achievements during this period included:

• Seconded Departmental representative on Communications Selection Team (including core negotiating team) within the Department of Communications that undertook the selection of Australia's third public mobile telecommunications operator (Vodafone) in 1992 for AUD140 million. This team was also responsible for the selection of Australia’s satellite subscription TV operators.

• Seconded Departmental representative on Second Telecommunications Carrier Selection Team within the Department of Communications that selected Australia’s second telecommunications carrier (Optus) in 1991 for AUD800 million including preparation of the Information Memorandum supplied to bidders.

• Development of the industry arrangements to apply in Australia from 1991 with the introduction of telecommunications competition including the establishment of the Telecommunications Industry Development Authority ('TIDA') reporting to the relevant Minister. He also advised his Minister on the implications of the proposed legislative changes to the Telecommunications Act during the early 1990's reform process.

• Manager of the Industry Development Arrangements for the manufacture of telecommunications customer premises equipment (1990/91).

• Preparation of Cabinet submissions on Government IT purchasing, multimedia and venture capital issues for the IT sector.

• Served on the Department's internal Telecommunications Policy Review taskforce (1990) evaluating the future of AUSSAT with his main areas of responsibility being cellular telecommunications, spectrum and ownership and structural issues.

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