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About Windsor Place Consulting

Windsor Place Consulting is a boutique advisory practice that provides specialist consulting services to the converging telecommunications, information technology, broadcasting and media markets. We focus on providing timely, high quality strategic advice to our clients, consistent with both the relevant country regulatory regimes and leading edge industry practice.   Windsor Place Consulting devises innovative, value-added solutions to a cross section of industry issues which are customised to provide our clients with a clear competitive advantage.   Windsor Place Consulting has a clear objective to develop strategies that are inherently practical and implementable, including access to extensive 'on-the-ground' assistance, in order to encourage skills and knowledge transfer.

The key areas of our competence within the context of the broader communications sector - encompassing the telecommunications, IT and media industries - include the formulation and facilitation of:

  • corporate and operational policies and strategies;
  • regulatory interaction (including the development of submissions) and government relations;
  • sector policy development and legislation;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • pricing and tariff strategies;
  • approaches to competition policy and anti-trust issues;
  • industry policy and trade issues;
  • content rights and consumer regulation;
  • licence applications and evaluation of licence and financial bids (including the development of evaluation methodologies);
  • project management; and
  • support for negotiation of commercial agreements (including access/interconnection agreements).

Our Vision

Since the establishment of Windsor Place Consulting in July 2000, the company has been primarily focussed on meeting client needs in Australian and Asian markets.   In conjunction with our strategic partners, our vision at Windsor Place Consulting is to provide access to the latest industry thinking and practice, customised to the specific country circumstances for our Australian, Asian and African clients.   In addition to our unique knowledge of regional conditions, the firm's strategic outlook includes a strong focus on developments in European Union and North American markets in order to allow us to provide an even better global view of the industry and regulation.

At Windsor Place Consulting, we believe that our clients achieve the best outcomes from an exclusive, longer-term relationship with our core team of principal advisors.   Not only does this facilitate a high degree of trust and mutual interaction with our clients, it enables us to share valuable skillsets and methodologies and implement turnkey policy solutions.

Recent Projects

Windsor Place Consulting has recently provided advice to incumbent carriers, new entrants, national regulators, governments and multilateral forums such as the ITU across a broad range of industry issues, including inter alia the following matters:

  • Licensing issues;
  • Equal access and preselection issues;
  • Spectrum management issues;
  • Competition policy issues;
  • Assistance in tariffing and tariff rebalancing for an incumbent telco;
  • Review of universal services obligations and contribution schemes;
  • Introduction of Digital terrestrial broadcasting;
  • Negotiations related to an initial public offering of an incumbent telco;
  • Issues related to the controlling stake of national telecommunications companies;
  • Regulatory audit of various telecommunications companies - fixed and cellular;
  • Sector policy development and development/drafting of legislation.

In addition, Windsor Place Consulting has consulted on a number of emerging sector issues which include - but are not limited to regulatory and strategic issues such as - structural separation, numbering and electronic addressing issues; VoIP; broadband and ADSL regulation; unbundling; wireless local loop and tariffing issues.

Referees for outcomes and performance milestones of these particular projects can be provided on a confidential basis upon request.

Windsor Place Consulting has a detailed understanding of communications sector
inter-relationships as depicted below: